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About Me


Hello! My name is Dominic, and I am an artist. My journey began many moons ago when first I was given a crayon and a sheet of paper. Since then, through conscious effort, I have tirelessly striven to enhance and compound my artistic abilities. In high school, I took advantage of several extracurricular opportunities to further this end. For four years I was a writer, cartoonist, graphic designer, and layout artist for the school’s newspaper. During this time, my work was also featured in several local art shows. I helped paint a mural in the local elementary school, and I was given the honor of crafting my school’s annual Christmas card, which was mailed to every family.

After applying my creativity to rebuild a local playground, thus earning myself the rank of Eagle Scout, I decided to pursue art as a career. And so, I enrolled in the Art Institute of Washington. There, I met many artistic collaborators and like-minded individuals, including the writer and my collaborator on an independent comic, of which 200 total copies have been sold between Baltimore Comic-Con and comic shops in DC and Maryland. I then signed on for an internship with Blue Orb World, an environmental and scientific educational platform for children, helping design educational games as a lead artist. This would lead to more commission work about a year later.


Nearing the end of my time at AIW, I was elected vice president, then president of the school’s Game Design club. I also offered my ideas and skills in constructing decorations for the school store while I worked there, which increased sales by 40 percent during the first month! Around this time, I also was invited to do live speed-painting on stage during a local DC fashion show. At the event, I not only sold the painting immediately afterward but was invited to two more similar live-painting events. Soon after, I was offered a job as an after-school instructor for DC schools. I taught game design to middle and high school students with a focus on animation and digital art asset creation for games. I did game art and graphic design work for the same company and led public game tournaments, convention competitions, and community events.


Unfortunately, I had to leave AIW and my companions and transferred to The Academy of Art University to finish my degree online. During this time, I continued teaching and decided to sell my original and printed artwork at art exhibitions in Maryland, selling a lifetime total of over a hundred prints. Because of this decision, I met so many wonderful collaborators, future clients, and friends.

To educate myself further about the games industry, (and play a bunch of cool games) I attended PAX East in Boston where I was given lots of advice and encouragement, propelling me ever forward.

While continuing my studies, I wrote and published my first novel, pursuing a new medium of artistic expression. I was featured in my university's annual Spring Show in San Francisco before traveling to several other industry shows such as Lightbox Expo to further my knowledge.


Soon after, I was made the lead 2D artist on The Mystery of William Moore. After that, I worked on pages for AWA Comics.

Today, I am the Director of the Digital Department at the New York School of Arts, responsible for the integrity of our digital art curriculum.

I have a BFA in Game Development Concept Art and I want to apply my hard-earned skills to YOUR awesome project!

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